Naked Yoga

Today, as I was finishing my read of this month’s Yoga Journal, I came across this ad:

I immediately tore the page out and pasted it into the journal where I record  my food and exercise.  Besides longing for a set of sox/gloves like she’s wearing* I think it’s a positively inspirational image.

I’m reminded of similar ads Vibram ran a while ago, stressing that the only finely tuned, specially engineered training equipment you need is your own damned body.  But  more importantly, I’m struck by how strong and curvy this woman is.  It’s exciting for me to see a yoga instructor who isn’t all long, willowy limbs, and model thin.  Budig (the model) is clearly thin and fit, but she’s an example of strength and beauty that I can actually hope to emulate.

While looking for this image, I found several posts decrying the “sex sells” attitude of these (and similar) ads.  Maybe as a pagan yoga practitioner I come from a different perspective than many**… but there’s nothing sexual about this ad.  This is about the beauty of the human form.  Since I was utterly unaware that anyone was offended by these beautiful images, it was not my intention to write a post about the debate (although I think you can tell where I stand).  However, having stumbled across it, I’d like to at least share a couple of links.  First, a quick recap of the debate here, and the full response of ToeSox president/founder, Joe Patterson.

*I don’t think they’d replace a full-sized mat in most circumstances, but I do think it’d be nice to have something like these to stash in my purse for impromptu yoga sessions.  I seriously think I’d do about twice as much yoga.

**That nudity does not equal sex, and that the human form is beautiful and sacred.

7 thoughts on “Naked Yoga

  1. Nacho says:

    What’s considered sexual and what isn’t is relative. Show a horny 12 year old a donut and he’ll make it sexual. Good post though. :D

  2. Amy says:

    The thing I don’t like about this picture is how perfectly round her ass cheeks are. If I had my leg bent up like that supported by my muscles, my butt would look like the dimpled surface of a sack of frozen peas. It’s just how that stuff works. I feel like they cut and pasted her other cheek and just cloned it for aesthetic purposes.

    • Hrm, maybe. They didn’t try to airbrush out the way skin and a healthy bit of fat roll on her side, though… I mean, I’m sure she’s air brushed and touched up and whathaveyou–it’s an ad in a magazine. But they left something obvious that would have been touched up in most other ads. So it makes me wonder if maybe her butt really does do that.

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